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The Staff

Dr. A.J. Cooley and office Manager Wayne Codner run Cool Vet.

Cool Vet, LLP is a traveling veterinary surgical service run by Dr. Cooley. We offer the option of advanced surgery to general practice veterinarians. Cool Vet is self-contained, self-insured and provides all the equipment needed to perform both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries on small animals and some exotic pets. On request, we travel to a general practice location and perform required surgeries that may otherwise require a specialty location for a much larger fee. This allows for the pet to stay close to home and reunite with their loved one as quickly as possible for a lower cost.

The Start of Cool Vet LLP

Dr. Anjilla (A.J.) Cooley has been doing traveling veterinary surgery since 1999. It started as a favor for a friend. She did a surgery for this friend and the good outcome resulted in the friend telling others. Soon she was in demand. In 2001 she formed a company to perform small animal surgeries on request. This business used to be more of a side job to help others, but in 2018 the company was revamped, renamed and relaunched as Cool Vet, LLP. Dr. A.J. Cooley in partnership with her husband, and business manager, created Cool Vet, LLP to serve the needs of general practitioners who wish to offer advanced surgery to their clients.

Being an animal lover herself, since her first pet “Sal the turtle” at age 3, Dr. A.J. Cooley prides herself in offering compassion, honesty and quality to each case she performs. The Cool Vet team is focused on patient care and customer service. We know that a pet is a family member and a companion to his, or her, owner so we do all we can to provide the highest quality service to each case and every client we see. We would consider it our pleasure to provide our services for your needs.


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